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Born in Havana in 1945. Musicologist. He studied with Manuel Duchesne Cuzán, Jose Ardévol, Félix Guerrero, Dolores Torres, Enrique Bellver, Alfredo Diez Nieto e Irina Martinova and later musicology at the Superior Art Institute of Havana. He has specialized in the musical branch of the pedagogy and theory. He has lectured in Cuba, Germany, Checoslovaquia, Nicaragua and Spain.


Professor and musician of solid formation, during more than 60 years he taught Solfeig, Theory of the Music, Musical Appreciation, Harmony, Polyphony, Musical Analysis, Musical Form, History of Cuban Music and Piano in different educational centers.

Director of Escuela Nacional de Música de La Habana, director of Conservatorio "Esteban Salas" of Santiago de Cuba as well as Technical Director of the Escuela Provincial de Música de Las Villas. Music Director of Centro Nacional de Aficionados y Casas de Cultura, and Technical Director of Centro Provincial de la Música of Santiago de Cuba.

He has also given courses in different universities: Pedagogic Superior Institutes "Enrique José Varona" from Havana and "Frank País" of Santiago de Cuba.


During many years he has carried out functions as adviser, methodologist and inspection officer in the Ministries of Culture and of Education of Cuba.

He has participated during more than two decades as member of the permanent team for the elaboration and improvement of plans and programs of music study in both ministries; as well as in the creation and organization of the provincial schools of music of the country in 1967.

He has been President and Member of Nacional and International Juries of Music.


In colaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, Mr. Santoys worked in the study and elaboration of different cultural projects focused on both non-musicians and professional musicians.


Within his extensive catalog of pedagogic works -more than twenty- are outlined his Foundations of Functional Harmony in two volumes (1987) and his collection of Music Theory and Musical Language, in six years, respectively, among others.

Present time

Spanish of Cuban origin, in 1993 he settled down in Madrid, dividing his pedagogic work between that of writer and lecturer. He then founded the Centro de Estudios Musicales "Carlos Santoys", of Navalcarnero, in Madrid.

Since 2002 resides in the city of Santiago de Compostela, where he worked as a professor of Harmony, Musical Analisys, History of Music and Musicology, until his retirement in 2015. Currently, he continues to teach classes, both face-to-face and via Skype.